Adventure Aquarium

We recently took a road trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden New Jersey.  The aquarium is named appropriately.  What an adventure we had!


We started the day in Hippo Heaven visiting with the two Nile hippos in residence.  Button and Genny are the most adorable 3,000 pound creatures you will ever see!  I was so taken with the big sweeties I didn’t want to leave!  I could have spent the day watching them frolic and sleep.


Button & Genny- KIDCongeniality



Hungry Hungry Hippo’s!- KIDCongeniality

We visited the Kidzone next and were treated to some hands on fun.


The slimier the better- KIDCongeniaity


Gill’s Grotto in the KidZone- KIDCongeniality

We took a walk over to the Ocean Realm to see the Loggerhead Sea Turtles.  Don’t you think this one looks pretty good for weighing about 300 pounds?


The highlight of our excursion was our adventure over Shark Bridge!  Shark bridge happens to be the longest V shaped rope suspension bridge in the world!  It is 81 feet long and suspended just inches above 30 sharks!  I didn’t know if I would have the nerve to actually walk across the bridge, but I mustered up my courage and did it.  It was an amazing experience not to be missed!  We walked single file over a 550 gallon tank filled with nurse, sandbar, and sand tiger sharks.  At the end of the bridge a photographer was waiting to take a picture of our accomplishment.


Getting my courage up! KIDCongeniality


Up close and personal with the sharks! KIDCongeniality


Walking the bridge! KIDCongeniality

I am pretty sure I found Nemo on my adventure along with his buddy Bruce the shark!

The Aquarium in Camden New Jersey is truly an Adventure for the entire family.  If you have the opportunity to visit you will not be disappointed.

  • Letitia – Apparently a Mom

    The first fun outing I took my little mr on was the aquarium here and we both loved it. We have been a couple times now and each time he has a blast ! It is really cool to see all the underwater creatures and play around. The only thing I wish was different about the one here is that it was bigger 😛

    • I am sure your son loves going! How great that you get to visit together!

  • Tessa Lynn

    Aquariums are always so fun for little ones in my experience. There’s a great one in Kansas City I’ve taken my kids to and they were mesmerized!

    • We visited KC a few years ago but didn’t get to go to the aquarium unfortunately.

  • erikathgr8

    I’ve been meaning to take my toddlers to this aquarium for a while now (we live in Philadelphia, just a hop, skip, and a jump away!). After seeing such a great time you had, I’m even more motivated to go!

    • It is great that you live so close! We are regulars at the Bronx Zoo and its great to be so close to it!

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