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Wednesdays are when we explore fun new places and re-visit old favorites!

Adventure Aquarium

We recently took a road trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden New Jersey.  The aquarium is named appropriately.  What an adventure we had! We started the day in Hippo Heaven visiting with the two Nile hippos in residence.  Button and Genny are the most adorable 3,000 pound creatures you will ever see!  I was…

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Black Tap

We had been hearing about it for months.  We were drooling over the endless Facebook and Instagram photos popping up all over our feeds.  It quickly made it to the top of our summer bucket list and the curiosity was killing us.  We knew we had to strap on our comfortable shoes and commit to…

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Street Art

Like Art? You don’t need to go to a stuffy museum to feel the joy that comes from experiencing a piece that speaks to you.  Just put on your sneakers and do a walking tour of any major city.  There is art to be found! I love walking around and looking at street art (aka…

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Looking for Superman

My parents recently let me watch Superman with Christopher Reeve.  I loved it! On Saturday they surprised me and my friend Lauren and took us to explore the News building on 42nd Street.  I was kind of hoping for a man of steel sighting but instead I saw a lot of terrific memorabilia and learned a…

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Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

A major highlight from our spring break trip to Philadelphia was the Chinese Lantern Festival. The festival is the first of its kind in the Northeast United States.  It is being held in Franklin Square to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the historic square’s restoration. The festival boasts an impressive 200 foot dragon and more than…

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NYC Staycation

It’s Wednesday of Spring Break week!  We spent the first half of break in good old NYC having a fun staycation.  We will be venturing to Philadelphia for the remainder of the week to seek out new adventures.  We can’t wait to check out the City of Brotherly Love! Here is a pictorial of all…

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