Check out the new “Oh My Disney” Collection

Shop Disney (The Disney Store) has unveiled the “Oh My Disney” Collection which includes Disney quotes and phrases on T’s, jackets and accessories. Disney has some pretty cute collaborations out these days (like this one with Coach) but this collection in particular stirs up my spicy side!

Mondays ARE Evil- Photo: Shop Disney

Our favorites:

Evil Queen Tank Top for Women: “Mondays are Evil” tank top. This tank shows how a little attitude can help you get through the week.  I see this paired with sleek black legging, chunky heeled booties and a slick blazer.  Rock this outfit on a Monday morning and your confidence is going to clear a path right past your coworkers!

Evil Queen Journal: Mondays are evil – but they make the rest of the week worth writing about. Tell me you don’t have to bite your tongue at least once a work day not to get yourself in trouble?  Have no fear!  You can now swallow those sarcastic words and write them down in this sparkly journal for future laughs.

I’ll be picking these pieces up and incorporating them into my Monday routine.  The only issue I see is that I will have to control myself because there are these post its, pencils and about four other journals that are also beckoning me.

Photo Courtesy of Shop Disney

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