Dead Red- A New Must Read by Tim O’Mara

Reading is a top priority in my house.  My parents are avid readers and my Dad loves to write. For Christmas one year, my Dad gave Mom a Kindle so she could get rid of the piles of books she keeps around.  Now a Kindle full of e-books sits on top of the stack of physical books on her bedside table.  The more the merrier!  I don’t think Dad saw that outcome coming.

My parents have a lot of interesting friends who also love books.  Our family friend Tim O’Mara‘s third book “Dead Red.” comes out on Tuesday, January 20th.  Today I got to go to the book launch party in Hell’s Kitchen!  It was one of the most exciting days ever!

“Dead Red” is the third in the Raymond Donne mystery series about a retired NYC cop turned school teacher.  Sacrifice Fly (2012) and Crooked Numbers (2013) are the first two books in the series.  Mr. O’Mara is a dedicated NYC public school teacher who drew upon personal experiences to give Raymond Donne a voice.  While I’m a little too young for the subject matter, I’m anxiously waiting to be able to give it a whirl.  My parents say that if you are looking for a great mystery, start reading Sacrifice Fly and you will want read the entire series.

Take a look at Tim’s Facebook page ( <— click here) and give him a like!  If you happen to be in NYC this coming Friday Night, Tim will be at The Mysterious Bookshop (58 Warren Street) giving a talk.  Go and grab your own copy of Dead Red.  Here’s a preview of the book courtesy of Criminal Element for you to enjoy!


Dead Red- Tim O'Mara

Dead Red- Tim O’Mara





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