Earth to Echo

Yesterday was Wednesday and I went to see Earth To Echo.

We had heard a few negatives about the movie before going, especially that it was an E.T. rip off. Yes it was!  Oddly, that is why I liked it so much.

The main plot is about a three friends named Tuck, Alex and Munch.  While trying to save their neighborhood from demolition, they find a mysterious map on their cell phones.   The map leads them to an adorable alien (Echo) who needs their help putting his/her spaceship back together.  Of course Echo just needs to get home.  

E.T.!  Goonies! Everything about this movie screams of E.T.  and Goonies!   From the bikes the kids ride the entire film to trying to get Echo back home my Mom thought she went back in time to 1982.  The plot was modernized enough to be entertaining.  Mom said the style of the film reminded her a little of the Blair Witch Project which is in documentary style.

Bottom Line: It’s entertaining and worth seeing except if you are huge E.T. fan and will get annoyed by its likeness.  For me it was fun!  It was my first non-animated film in the theater and I thought Echo was the cutest little thing since….well E.T.!

Earth To Echo (Trailer)

Director: Dave Green

Runtime: 89 minutes

Rating: PG
Cast: Brian “Astro” Bradley, Teo Halm, Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt

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