Election Day

Today is Election Day.  I learned that we are voting for a Governor in New York.  It will be a while before I am allowed to vote but today has me looking forward to the privilege.

I went to my school gym to vote with my Mom.  She had just had her eyes dilated at the eye doctor and could not see a thing.  Kind of funny.  Why didn’t we just go before the eye doctor?  Silly Mommy!

Anyway, because she couldn’t see I got to help read the choices for her as she was filling out the ballot.  Sooooooo kool.

I’ll remember this day forever!  So many people around the world do not have the opportunity to vote in a free and fair election.  I cannot believe even my own Mom would not have had the right to vote until 1920.  That’s not that long ago!  When I’m old enough I’ll happily cast my vote in the hopes that everyone in the world gets the right to vote in my life time!



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