Enchanted Tales With Belle at Disney

Once the new live action Beauty and the Beast film hits the theaters I predict kids everywhere will be running around looking for an “adventure in the great wide somewhere.” Luckily they can find just that at one of my favorite experiences at Disney World.
Beauty and the Beast springs to life in Enchanted Tales with Belle in Fantasyland.

The Beast with his Princess- KidCongeniality

Enchanted Tales is an attraction that flies under most people’s radar.  It definitely should not!  I consider this a top ten Disney experience especially if you are traveling with a young Beauty and the Beast fan!

Upon arrival to Maurice’s (Belle’s dad) cottage you are treated to a glimpses of Belle’s childhood.  I loved seeing her special book collection.  This is a fun way of moving guests through the long line into Maurice’s workshop.  Eventually, a magic mirror transports all guests into a wardrobe.  While in the wardrobe, you can volunteer to help reenact a scene from the movie.  This “play” takes place in the Beast’s magnificent library and stars Belle!  I won’t spoil the experience with more details because you will want to see the terrific effects for yourself. 

True Love- Belle & KidC

My son volunteered to play the Beast in our session.  It was fantastic.  He really got into character and was completely smitten while dancing around the room with Belle.  All actors receive a photo pass card at the end of the performance.  The photos taken by Disney photographers are amazing.  I purchased them all and we tease our son that his pictures with Belle look like their wedding pictures.  

Enchanted Tales is the only guaranteed opportunity to meet Belle in the Magic Kingdom!  

Enchanted Tales with Belle- KidCongeniality

Belle sometimes appears at Cinderella’s Royal Table but she is not a guaranteed guest.  Belle never attends lunch or dinner at Be Our Guest but she is always present in Fantasyland!  After the performance anyone who wanted to meet Belle was able to come up for a photo.  She graciously spent time talking with everyone and taking photos.   I cannot stress enough how this attraction should not be missed. 

  • Oh my goodness, my two older girls would just be in heaven! So fun:)

  • Theresa

    These photos are so awesome! Such a cute moment at Disney World. My favorite moment was when my husband had to become the knight in the play, haha.

  • shelah moss

    What a fun thing to do while visiting Disney World. Your photos are precious. You captured the magic of the moment!

  • TheresaAtCapriplus3

    That looks like such a fun visit! We saw the movie last weekend and the kids loved it. I think we actually loved it as much as they did. They would be really into meeting Belle right now!

  • I’m obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. What a fun experience for your little one.

  • How amazing and fun! Looks like your little one had a blast!

  • Lflax

    This is fun for all ages! A “must do” for our family!

    • KID C

      So glad you like it as well.

  • Jill Jeffrey

    This makes me want to go to Disney so much more now!

    • KID C

      I know the feeling well!

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