First Day of Summer ’14

Finally!  It’s been a long winter and I am so happy summer is finally here!

Summer is a season of discovery.  It’s a time to relax and let loose.  Time to take what you learned during the school year and launch your imagination into a 2 month-long adventure.

I hear so many of the adults around me say that they wish they could go back to the summers of their childhoods.  I’m sure I will feel like that when I grow up so I am going to take advantage of every last-minute of my favorite season.

Here’s my Summer of ’14 Bucket List:

  • No socks for the summer!  Toe freedom!  Sandals all the time!
  • Make new friends at summer camp.
  • My cousin Tara will take my annual birthday photos. This year it’s gonna be “Super”.
  • Show everyone I know my Little League Trophy.
  • Eat an ice pop every day.
  • Watch my baby cousin Cordelia eat her first ice pop.
  • Go to the sprinklers and run around until bedtime.
  • Learn to ride my new bike without training wheels.
  • Jump into my Aunt and Uncle’s pool at least 100 times in a row.
  • Collect 50 hermit crabs at the beach in my bucket.
  • Go to Rye Playland again with my best friends.
  • Go to see How To Train Your Dragon 2.
  • Rent the original Planet of the Apes and Godzilla movies and watch them with Dad.
  • Have a sleep over at my cousin Jack’s and race on our scooters.
  • Go to a crab house and bang the crabs with a hammer so I can eat them.
  • Make and devour fruit smoothies with Mommy!
  • Perfect my swimming.
  • Blast my new Super Soaker in the pool.
  • Chase fireflies when I visit my cousins Andrew, Alex & Jared out East.
  • Line up for a Chipwich at the ice cream truck by the park.
  • Run into school pals at the park and play on the jungle gym together.
  • Chase the seagulls away at the beach.
  • Make decaf blueberry tea with Mommy and drink tons of it.
  • Visit my friends in New Jersey.
  • Read more of the Magic Tree House books.
  • Have a sleep over at my Aunt & Uncle’s house with my older cousins for a week.
  • Watch movies every night.
  • Go on an end of summer vacation with my family.
  • Go to bed late.
  • Play with my Skylander Giant & animal figures constantly.
  • Stop singing “Let it Go” already.  (OK that’s Mom’s wish, I’ll try).

I am sure I will be adding some more adventures to my list over the next few days.  Why don’t you join me and make a list too.  They say that if you make a list you get inspired to scratch things off!

Get going and have a terrific summer!

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