Free Star Wars Snowflake Printables

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The holidays are upon us and to celebrate the Last Jedi arriving in theaters I am going to give you a free Star Wars snowflake printable.

I love all the crafts that come along with the holiday season.  My only complaint is that there never seems to be enough time to get to creating all the fun ideas that we are seeing on social media.  You’ve heard of FOMO (Fear of missing out)?  I have fear of missing craft time!  Right now I am all about creating personalized stockings and snowflakes.

The other day my friend and I snuck out for a tea date while the kids were at their weekend basketball game and chess match.  We went to a local favorite coffee shop Gregory’s to chat. Gregory’s was having the best promo!  They were giving away a free 12 oz. drink of choice to anyone who brought in a hand made snowflake to display.


Luckily for me my friend is extremely talented and came prepared with two very special Star Wars snowflakes to exchange for chai lattes.

Her incredibly detailed Star Wars snowflakes are now hanging front and center at the coffee shop.  All of the baristas could not believe their eyes.


R2D2- Star Wars by One Leaf Works

Isn’t it amazing?

I happened to mention that my son would love to be able to make something as kool as this.  She was generous enough to offer a free printable with instructions for all of my readers to enjoy!

Here is a step by step guide to creating your own Star Wars snowflake:


-Download PDF:  snowflake2
-Cut out circle
-Fold circle paper in half, then quarter, then in thirds
-Cut according to pattern
The folded paper gets quite thick and is hard to cut!
You may want to use a binder clip to keep the layers together while cutting!

C3PO- Star Wars by One Leaf Works

Want your own C3PO download as well?  Leave a blog comment and subscribe to our blog and I will email you the Star Wars C3PO PDF!

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  • TheJerseyMomma

    Omg this is awesome!!! I am such a huge Star Wars fan, I am going to post these all over my house! lol Sharing today for sure. LOVE!!!!

  • These are SO cool!! Our snowflakes seem so plain next to these… 😉

  • Christine Cox

    OMG this takes some skill to come up with this!! My nephews would loooove these!

  • Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig

    these are SO. FREAKIN. AWESOME. wow!!!

  • Evelyne Nemcsok

    No way! Ha ha. These are awesome! Ay the force be with me when I try them 🙂

  • Tineke F

    These are so awesome! Thanks for linking up at Working Mommy Abroad, sharing 🙂

  • Bree Courtney

    So cool! Definitely tweeting these out for others! Everyone likes Star Wars!

  • Kristen Miller Hewitt

    HOW CUTE! So clever…totally making them!

  • I have a few friends that this would make the best snail mail for. I’m going to get working on that over the next week so I can surprise them with these goodies.

  • Lauren Ryan

    So cute!! Think we will have our elf decorate with them!!

  • Mandy Fredericks

    I can’t wait to make these with my boys!

  • Very creative, love it!

  • Rachel Gordon

    So cool! I think my 9 year old would love this.

  • shelah moss

    This is fantastic! What a fun way to get my Star Wars fan to practice his scissor skills.

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