Frozen Ice Cream

I am interrupting this week’s Wednesday adventure to give you a heads up for next Tuesday!

Get your sneakers on and get ready to stand in line kids.  That’s right, its back!

Haagen Dazs Free Cone Day !

From 4-8p on Tuesday 5/13 just line up to get a FREE, delicious cone of your choice.

Last year I ran into my buddy Jake on the line.  All the Mom’s & Dad’s were bored until Jake started singing for everyone.  Maybe this year we can sing “Let It Go” over and over.  If the line takes forever we’ll chant “Here I stand and here I’ll stay.”   We can wait all night if we have to, Ice Cream is Frozen after all.

Hey wait a minute!  Is Disney selling “Frozen Ice Cream” yet?  Hello Haagen Dazs… I have a great idea!


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