Halloween Specials

Four Nights till Halloween!  My costume is ready and I can taste the candy already!  What’s a kid to do while waiting for the big day?

Here’s a list of Halloween week programming starting tomorrow.  This should keep you busy until Trick or Treat time!

 Tuesday, October 28th

  • 1130am- Mustache Day- Nickelodeon
  • 5pm – Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed- ABC FAMILY
  • 7pm – Casper-ABC FAMILY
  • 8pm- The Great Halloween Fright Fight- ABC- (People overdecorate their houses for Halloween & compete for $50,000)
  • 9pm – Corpse Bride-ABC FAMILY
  • 12am – The Haunted Mansion-ABC FAMILY

Wednesday, October 29th

  • 5pm – Corpse Bride-ABC FAMILY
  • 7pm – The Addams Family-ABC FAMILY
  • 8pm-South Park Comedy Central- A bunch of SP Halloween episodes.
  • 9pm- Modern Family Halloween-ABC  
  • 930pm- Black-ish Halloween- ABC
  • 9pm – Addams Family Values- ABC FAMILY
  • 10pm-American Horror Story: Freak Show- FX
  • 12am – ParaNorman-ABC FAMILY

Thursday, October 30th

  • 4:30pm – The Addams Family-ABC FAMILY
  • 6:30pm – The Addams Family Values-ABC FAMILY
  • 8pm- Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown-  ABC
  • 8:30pm – Dark Shadows-ABC FAMILY
  • 11pm Pawn Stars- “Vampire Hunt”- History Channel
  • 12am – Beetlejuice-ABC FAMILY

Friday, October 31st

  • 10am- Rocky Horror Picture Show- LOGO
  • 12pm- Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed- ABC FAMILY
  • 12pm- Twilight movie marathon-FXX
  • 1pm- Zombies: A Living History- History Channel
  • 2pm – Poltergeist- ABC FAMILY
  • 2pm- Halloween Marathon- Disney Channel
  • 4:30pm – Dark Shadows-ABC FAMILY
  • 7pm – Beetlejuice-ABC FAMILY
  • 9pm – Casper-ABC FAMILY
  • 1135pm- Jimmy Kimmel- ABC.  Kimmel featuring costumes and candy. 


My Angry Birds Pumpkin

My Angry Birds Pumpkin

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