I want a dog!

Just a KID chasing his dream….

I want a dog!

It’s all I think about.  Its my dream and my main mission in life.  It seems like there are dogs everywhere in NYC, except MY apartment!  Most of my cousins have dogs, some even have two!  Not fair!

In case you were wondering, here is the word for dog in all the languages I could find.  I’m hoping to learn them all and impress my parents so much that they will cave in.  I dream of the day I get to pick out my own furry BFF from the shelter every night.

If you know how to say dog in any other interesting languages leave me a comment and let me know!

  • Afrikaans: Hond (pronounced hont)
  • Arabic: كلب (pronounced Kelboun)
  • Armenian:  Shun
  • Bulgarian:  Kuche
  • Chinese: Gau
  • Croatian: Pas
  • Danish: Hund (pronounced hoon)
  • Dutch: Hond
  • Eskimo: Kringmerk
  • French: Chien
  • German: Hund (pronounced hund)
  • Greek: Skyli/Kyon
  • Hebrew:  Kelev
  • Hindi: Kutta
  • Italian:  Cane
  • Japanese: Inu
  • Kazakh:  Yet
  • Korean:  Gae
  • Norwegian: Hund
  • Polish: Pies
  • Portuguese: Cão (pronounced cowng, like the word cow)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Cachorro (pronounced cah-shoh-hoh)
  • Russian: Sobaka (ronounced sa-ba-ka)
  • Spanish: Perro
  • Swedish: Hund
  • Urdu: Kutta
  • Vietnamese: Cho
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