Little Golden Books

Do you like reading Little Golden Books?  I love them.  They are my Mom’s favorite and she still has some from when she was a little girl.  Since I bend book pages I am not allowed to touch hers.  I might just be bending pages on purpose so that she buys me my own books, but don’t tell her!

We are not the only fans.  Little Golden Books are so popular that they are included in the Smithsonian Institute.  The first Little Golden Books were published in 1942 and cost just twenty-five cents.  Since then over 2 billion have been printed for lucky kids like me!

Imagine a way to keep all of your Little Golden Books forever without them cluttering up your book shelves?  A very kool artist named Ryan Jude Novelline did just that.  He designed the amazing gown featured on this page.  Check out more of his exciting work at

Some of our Little Golden Books

Some of our Little Golden Books


  • Carolyn Polchinski

    Incredible!! Thanks for posting!! This reading specialist LOVED this
    post!! <3 ….. ~ and LOVES that gown!! Fabulous. Made my night!

    • KID C

      Thanks Carolyn! Why don’t you share your website url with us? I know you have a fantastic reading website!

  • Carolyn Polchinski

    ….and I have dozens of those Little Golden Books from my childhood. Didn’t know about the Smithsonian. Thank you for posting such an informative gem. <3

    • Thanks Carolyn, Why don’t you share your website URL with us?

  • Carolyn Polchinski
  • Maureen Kessler

    Fabulous! I still have all of my kids and few of mine (wicked old ones 😉

    • KID C

      SO much fun! What great memories you are keeping Maureen.

  • I love Little Golden books too! My mom kept a lot of them too. I need to start a collection for my boys. That dress is fantastic!

  • Little Golden books are my favorite! I always look for them whenever we go into second hand book stores and things like that. Love them!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Omg I was obsessed with these books as a kiddo!!!! I wish my mom would of kept my collection because my brother and I literally had tons!!!

  • I have to get some of these book,I love the dress , it’s adorable.

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