Looking for Superman

My parents recently let me watch Superman with Christopher Reeve.  I loved it!


Clark and Lois 2016- KidCongeniality

On Saturday they surprised me and my friend Lauren and took us to explore the News building on 42nd Street.  I was kind of hoping for a man of steel sighting but instead I saw a lot of terrific memorabilia and learned a lot about New York City.

Looking for Superman- KidCongeniality

Looking for Superman- KidCongeniality

The News building is also known as the “Daily News Building” because New York’s “hometown paper” used to be headquartered there.  The building is more popularly known as the fictional home of the “Daily Planet” where Clark Kent works.  The actual building is a beautiful art deco design by Raymond Hood and was designated a National historical land mark in 1989.  Local NY TV station WPIX has been in the building since 1948 and is still there today.

The lobby of the building houses the world’s largest indoor globe.  It is amazing!   If you are in New York City you should stop by for a few minutes. It’s a little off the beaten path but is worth it if you are a super hero movie fan.

And, you guessed it… I couldn’t resist running around in the revolving doors like Superman but the door man chased me out!  (He was watching over the globe in the photo above just waiting for me to make my move!)


Channeling Superman- KidCongeniality

  • I love seeing places that movies were filmed. It makes me love some of my favorite movies more and more. This is a favorite of mine from my childhood.

  • Brittany

    looks like a wonderful place! Glad you guys had a great time!

  • Rachel E. Bledsoe

    This was really cool. Oh, and the running around the doors until the doorman chased you… Too cute. Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

  • So cool! I loved that movie growing up. I would love to visit.

  • So cool! I love that movie and getting to see the building in it is pretty awesome!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Omg how fun!!!!!! I would love to visit. I bet my hubby would go insane since he was a huge fan of the movie!

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