If you love animals the Biodome in Montreal is one of the koolest places ever!

It is in the old velodrome from the 1976 Summer Olympics and it recreates four of the most beautiful eco systems in the world.

Biodome means “House of Life” and it houses 4,800 animals from 230 species!

Take a look at the spectacular creatures I got to see up close and personal:


Beautiful Birds


Fast swimming penguin


The Macaroni Kid!




Slow but not as slow as the Sloths!


Someone’s having a baby soon!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a wonderful variety of animals! The “Macaroni kid” is especially cute. Our children would love to go to the Biodome in Montreal.

    • KID C

      I hope you get there one day, it is awesome! Check out the movie Surf’s Up- its about an animated “Macaroni Penguin!”, your kids will love it!

  • I love the photos, especially the “macaroni kid”. He’s the same kind as the cute penguin in the kid’s movie Surf’s Up, I believe. I love zoos!

    • KID C

      Yes he is the same as Surfs up. Love that movie! You have got to get to the Biodome, its awesome! My next stop is checking out your blog!

  • SO cool. I love the sloth and the penguin pictures. They are so cute.

    • KID C

      Thanks! Hopefully you can visit the Biodome one day, its awesome!

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