NYC Staycation

It’s Wednesday of Spring Break week!  We spent the first half of break in good old NYC having a fun staycation.  We will be venturing to Philadelphia for the remainder of the week to seek out new adventures.  We can’t wait to check out the City of Brotherly Love!

Here is a pictorial of all the fun things we have done in NYC so far:

We Started off the week right playing some hoops.


Hoops at St. Catherine’s Park, NYC- @KIDCongeniality

Which made us hungry so we headed over to BareBurger for great burgers!


Bare Burger UES, NYC. @KIDCongeniality

Met my cousin CJ at Alice’s Teacup Chapter One to celebrate her third birthday with the Mad Hatter breakfast!


Everything’s Fancy at Alice’s! @KIDCongeniality

Of course we had to head over to Central Park to say hi to Balto.

Balto- CPK- Michele Carroll

Balto- CPK- @KIDCongeniality

And no visit to the park is complete without going to the Zoo!


Seal in CPK Zoo- @KIDCongeniality

On the way home we saw this lovely giant flower outside of Renny & Reed.


Renny & Reed E. 60/Park Ave.- @KIDCongeniality

And went to drool over these Keith Haring cubes at Maison 24.


Keith Haring Cubes at Maison24- @KIDCongeniality

Turns out we didn’t even need to go to the zoo because we found a mobile zoo on the street.  It was quite unique!


Only in NYC! Mobile Street Zoo- Corner of 60th/Lex- @KIDCongeniality

It’s always fun to  “Look Up” at all the skyscrapers in the city….


Looking Up by Tom Friedman- Park Ave/53rd @KIDCongeniality

Especially when they look like giant ears and pools!


We wish we could go swimming in Van Gogh’s Ear! @KIDCongeniality

I admit was a little upset when I found out we were not going to Disney for spring break.   But…. look who we stumbled upon in the window of the Phillips Auction House.


Legends in the window at Phillips Auction House on Park Ave @KIDCongeniality


NYC finds a way to please everyone!

  • You have the Best City for a Staycation!! Looks like you had a Great time, and lots of memories 🙂

    • We try to take advantage of our amazing city! We know that we are lucky to be here.

  • Bev F.

    Looks like a fun way to spend spring break! I’ll be going there in a few weeks to visit my sister — it’s been awhile since I’ve gone exploring in NYC with her.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Omg looks like y’all had a fabulous Staycation!!!! We did did something similar. It’s crazy the things you can find locally if you look hard enough!

    • I saw your water park adventure post. Now that looks like a blast!

  • Ai

    Nice tour of the city! Sounds like a fun adventure!

  • Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig

    this is awesome! i live in nyc, too, and never even thought of taking a staycation with my kids. now i can’t wait to!

  • That’s so awesome that you live in NYC, there’s so much to see. You can have a staycation all the time 🙂

    • We love it here and try our hardest to do a lot of things.

  • Tamara Goyette

    I dream of going and visiting new york

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