President’s Day

We visited the National Mall in Washington DC for spring break a few years ago.  I couldn’t believe how big the monuments were and so much larger than life!  I kept trying to jump up into the pictures my Mom was taking of the Lincoln Memorial.  I don’ know why but I just wanted to see myself next to this giant of a man.  My Mom didn’t realize that I was trying to get in the photos because it was so crowded that day.  When we got home she wound up with tons of photo bombs of President Lincoln with my head in the bottom corner.  They are pretty funny because you see my hair, sometimes a head, a single arm or an eye.  It does not matter, we love these photos and laugh whenever we look at them.  My Mom says that they are an example of my tenacity and hilarious nature.

Today we celebrate the men who have shaped and protected our nation through both good and bad times.  Next year we may be celebrating with a woman President in office.  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe our President will be a billionaire with funny hair or the guy who looks like everyone’s grandfather.  Some Presidents have been loved, while others…not so much.  Some people argue that the day should be more about Washington and Lincoln than the other Presidents.  Why not include them all?  We celebrate President’s Day like we celebrate everything else in our country with a lot of diversity and a little controversy.  It’s what makes us US…A!







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