Rocky’s 40!

Some things really make you feel old.


The movie Rocky is 40 years old today.  It premiered 11/21/76 which means that I was way too young to have seen it in the theater.  Somehow I did (although no one will actually admit to taking me).  It made me think about how I would never take my son to see Rocky in the theater at six years old.  Helicopter Mama?  I never thought I was until now!


Things were different back in the 70’s.  You have seen all the memes pondering how us poor, neglected car seat-less children of the 70’s survived.  Being a kid in the 70’s was scrappy and tough just like Rocky.  It was fun and every day we got out there and flew by the seat of our pants. There were no play dates, you went and hung out with a gaggle of neighborhood kids.  You had a problem you figured out.  Mommy was not coming out to negotiate sharing or to make sure you were wearing your hat.  For me the 70’s were filled with a sense of freedom and the burning desire to grow up.  My son wants to live with me forever and never grow up.  It might be time to stop watching Peter Pan and introduce him to Rocky!


Well….maybe in a year or so.  For now we will stick to Rocky videos and short weekend trips to Philly.  Why rush innocence?  There are plenty more years to toughen up and start running the steps to adulthood.


  • Christine Cox

    I hope they play the movies this week. They are classics!

  • shelah moss

    That does make me feel old. It does bring back a nostalgic feeling for “the good old days”.

  • Your picture under the sign is the best! I cannot believe it has been that long.

  • Yup, I feel old! I always laugh when people talk about scheduling play dates because like you said, they didn’t exist back in the day! You just played with whoever was around the hood that day!

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