Shark Week is here!

Shark Week is here!

We look forward to watching Discovery Channel’s Shark Week every year! We are particularly excited to see if Michael Phelps can swim faster than a great white!

The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Shark Week Giveaway!

To celebrate, we are thrilled to be co-hosting the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Shark Week giveaway with Parenting in Progress!  Giveaway details can be found by clicking through to their site but here is a preview:  There are a bundle of prizes including 3 Shark themed books and much more.

You know we are serious about sharks here because we even seek them out in person! The picture above shows KidC preparing to walk over a tank of sharks on a rope bridge!  You can read about our big adventure here.

We Hope you will tune in between 7/23-7/30 to see what all the Shark Week excitement is for yourself! There will be loads of original new content as well as oldies but goodie episodes running throughout the week.

Good luck and enjoy the shows!

Shark Week Schedule:

Sunday 7/23:

7pm-Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives

8pm-Phelps Vs. Shark: Great Gold Vs. Great White

9pm-Shark-Croc Showdown

10pm-Great Hammerhead Invasion

Monday 7/24:

8pm-Shark Vortex

9pm-Return to the Isle of Jaws

10pm-Alien Sharks:  Stranger Fins

Tuesday 7/25:

9pm-Sharks and the City: LA

10pm-Sharks and the City: New York

Wednesday 7/26:

9pm-The Lost Cage

10pm-Devil Sharks

Thursday 7/27:

9pm-Shark Exile

10pm-Shark Storm

Friday 7/28:

9pm-African Shark Safari

10pm-Lair of the Sawfish

Saturday 7/29:



**KidCongeniality is helping to promote this giveaway but is in no way responsible for shipment of prize.  KidCongeniality did not review or receive any product/payment in exchange for this promotion**

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