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Like Art?


ART- Hanging in my pediatricians office KIDCongeniality

You don’t need to go to a stuffy museum to feel the joy that comes from experiencing a piece that speaks to you.  Just put on your sneakers and do a walking tour of any major city.  There is art to be found!

Me! KIDCongeniality

Me! KIDCongeniality

I love walking around and looking at street art (aka urban art).

Audrey- KIDCongeniality

Audrey by Tristan Eaton- KIDCongeniality

I started liking street art two summers ago.  I toured Montreal and saw some fantastic pieces.  The deal was sealed when my parents took me to Philadelphia for spring break this year.  Philly has become a city known for its giant, colorful murals.


You are loved by Mr. Renaissance KIDCongeniality

For my birthday my cousin CJseesart came into the city and we did a walking tour of Soho.  It is going to take something pretty special to top that day!

If you find yourself in NYC do yourself a favor and take a little stroll around Soho.


Vandal (Numbers)  by Nick Walker KIDCongeniality

Your soul will thank you!


  • deanna

    These are so cool! I love the boy holding the heart!

  • Bree Courtney

    I love street art! We have a few cool murals in Kansas City, but I always have my 3 little kiddos with me and it’s hard to stop for pictures. The Audrey one above is so incredible!

  • Emily @ Recipes to Nourish

    So cool! I love seeing beautiful street art like this.

  • Sometimes I forget about this. Growing up near Chicago, I would see it around when we would go there, but that was years ago as a child. I think I need to revisit soon and see how my perception has changed as an adult. Thanks for sharing.

  • TheJerseyMomma

    I totally LOVE urban art. Are you a fan of Banksy? I still hope to come across some of his work one day!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    I LOVE art!!!! Next time I find my sled in the city I will definitely be going for an art stroll!

  • Betsy Todd

    Art is amazing, and love your share

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  • Aarika Chilson

    I really enjoyed your post. Art is everywhere! One of my favorite things to in the LA area (Venice Beach, especially) is to walk around and check out the murals and street art. It’s so much fun! Thanks for sharing your art exploration with us.

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