Summer Camp

I’ll admit it.  I didn’t want to go to summer camp.  All spring long I kept wishing for Mommy to get fired so that I could spend the summer with her.  I had visions of us at the beach, at the pool, at various zoos and visiting different cousins every day.  I thought it would be fun to go on little adventures to the library, borrow books and sit in the park reading to each other.

The parents were having none of that fantasy.  “Who do you think you are Donald Trump?” Mom would say as I shouted “You’re Fired!” every time camp was mentioned.  I’m not sure who Donald is but my Dad really likes to roll his eyes at him.

We went to check out a few day camps over the winter.  We toured one camp on the coldest day ever!  It was 17 degrees and there was snow all over the place.  I was singing songs from “Frozen” and laughing the entire time because I would NOT be going to camp!  I was staying home with Mom.  Ironically, in the end I chose “camp frozen”.  It has a small farm with llamas.  I can’t resist farms.  They had me at the llamas.  I caved.

Well it’s Wednesday and I am happy to say I will be at camp today!  What a blast!  My first day was Monday and it was rockin’.  I get to go swimming twice a day, play gaga, mini golf, hockey and so many other kool activities.  My counselors are awesome and I have a ton of new friends.  I’ve gotta hand it to my parents.  They were right.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be the best summer ever!

Hey, Mr. Trump, here’s a tip.  You seem a little stressed.  Yelling takes a lot out of a guy.  It’s not worth it.  If you get tired of firing people just take some time off, go to camp and play some miniature golf.  It’s doing wonders for me.  My counselor even said that if you master golf it can take you far in this world.  Chill out, enjoy your summer, and take some time to work on your swing.

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