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Pitbull goes to Madagascar

Breaking news….. the new Pitbull song “Celebrate” from the upcoming Penguiins of Madagascar Movie (due out November 26th) is out!  It’s catchy and I can see me breaking out my footwork to this A LOT! But…..it’s no “I Like To Move It.” Thank you Reel to Real for my endless entertainment over the past four years!…

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Thank you DreamWorks

Dear DreamWorks: I have been so excited that How To Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out today that I have been revisiting all my DreamWorks favorites this week.  Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, The Croods, Madagascar 1-3 and the Madagascar Valentine’s Day special. Everyone knows how I LOVE Madagascar!  When is “Madagascar 4” coming out any…

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I Like To Move It!

Long Live King Julien! My idols at Dreamworks announced that they will be animating 3 new kid’s series based on characters from Madagascar, Shrek and Veggie Tales! The new shows are King Julien (Oh yeah! Move It, Move It!), Puss in Boots and Veggie Tales in the House.   Did I mention King Julien? The…

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