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Free Star Wars Snowflake Printables

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The holidays are upon us and to celebrate the Last Jedi arriving in theaters I am going to give you a free Star Wars snowflake printable. I love all the crafts that come along with the holiday season.  My only complaint is that there never seems to…

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Star Wars VII

Seriously?  There is something missing here! MY picture! The cast of Star Wars Episode VII was announced today and I don’t seem to be included.  Not sure how this could have happened as I am the perfect Jedi Padawan.  I have already fought Darth Vader  http://kidcongeniality.com/the-force-of-fashion/  and I have that new, fresh face casting directors dream of.…

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The Force of Fashion

I fought Darth Vader during Jedi Training at Disney World. It was supposed to be training camp, but the Dark Lord decided to show up and freak everyone out.  As soon as I heard the Imperial March (Da da da, dum de-da, dum de-da…) I got so scared my legs started shaking! When I tried to sneak off the stage…

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