Those summer nights

I’m dreaming of summer.  I can’t wait until school’s out and the days get longer and hotter.  I want sunshine and sunscreen, chlorine and salt water.  I can’t wait to wear flip-flops and jump, hoot and holler.  I’ll hunt worms!  I’ll catch fireflies!  Please pass me a towel when I’m done running through the sprinklers.  I don’t want my lips to turn blue.  I can even taste the hamburger I’ll be eating while I laugh with my cousins and make silly faces at you.

A study published a few years ago found that anticipating a vacation makes you just as happy as the actual trip.  Since its Wednesday, let loose a little!  Sit back and give yourself  a little “peek of summer.”  I bet it will only take you a few seconds to get into the vibe of freedom that is summer!

Here are some scenes from the terrific summer I am planning.

What says summer to you?  Drop me a note and let me know!


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