Kid Congeniality’s Top Ten Christmas Dogs-2016

The top wish on Kid Congeniality’s Christmas list this year was a dog.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “It seems like everyone has a dog but me.” I’d be rich.  Unfortunately we could not make that dream a reality for him this year.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas we tried to think up creative ways for Logan to channel his love for dogs.  However the challenge was to not leave him feeling sad that he does not have a pet of his own.

One of the things we do to foster Logan’s love of dogs is to stop by our local doggy daycare.  Logan likes to admire the “students” and watch them play.  Another fun activity Logan participates in is reading to therapy dogs at our local library.  As a result we did a fun photo shoot recently that we will feature in an upcoming post.


Visiting the doggy day care by our apartment

One night, we were having a blast admiring our friend’s dog on Facebook together.  This dog has such personality he might as well be a real boy.  Pinocchio would have been a fitting name for him!  We started looking at all the dogs that were dressed up for the holidays.  Logan picked his favorite of the evening.  Logan decided that he wanted to pick his favorite Christmas dogs of the season.  A fun little Instagram series was born.  The top ten Christmas Dogs of 2016!  Logan scanned Facebook every night after homework was done looking for cute Christmas dogs from our friends and family list and we went to work asking everyone if we could feature their pups on our Kid Congeniality social media pages.  Everyone was game to play along!

Presenting our Top Ten Christmas Dogs of 2016:









A very special shout out to our creative friends and family for letting us feature their adorable dogs all dolled up for Christmas!  The love that comes through in these pictures is unconditional and as Logan says…One day!!!

Can’t wait for next year to see which dogs make the list! If you have a dog that you dress up don’t forget to tag us on social media for your chance to be on the list.

  • shelah moss

    What a fun way to address your boy’s dog fever. My daughter wished for a puppy for years, but she had to wait until she had her own home to get her first dog. Maybe he could walk a dog for an elderly person?

  • Theresa

    That’s awesome you come up with such original ways to help him volunteer around dogs! My daughter would love to do that.

  • TheJerseyMomma

    Spot the Jersey Doggy TOTALLY needs to be on Kid’s Top Ten list next year!! These guys are so cute. I make sure our pup is included on our Xmas card every year!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Awwww how cute is this!!!!!! I need to do something like this with my daughter but with cats! She’s obsessed lol

  • Aww they are all adorable!

  • shelah moss

    What a brilliant way to fill your son’s desire. You sure found some cute dogs to feature!

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