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Looking for Superman

My parents recently let me watch Superman with Christopher Reeve.  I loved it! On Saturday they surprised me and my friend Lauren and took us to explore the News building on 42nd Street.  I was kind of hoping for a man of steel sighting but instead I saw a lot of terrific memorabilia and learned a…

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In honor of their 75th anniversary, Coach is debuting a Disney collection online and in stores on June 17th!  We were so excited over the iconic collection that when we found out it would be previewed exclusively at Coach’s store in Soho NY we jumped on the first southbound 6 train we could catch! Bottom line:…

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Down the rabbit hole

It’s Wednesday but every day in NYC is like an Adventure in Wonderland.  You never know what’s waiting for you around the next corner in this big city of mine!  I go on simple walks with my family and we turn them into great adventures. One of the more interesting things I get to see…

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